Best Pizza in Boston

The Top 10 Pizza Places In Boston

Boston is renowned for a variety of reasons including Fenway Park, the Boston Marathon, the bar from the sitcom Cheers, baked beans, and of course, pizza. Founded in the 1600s when the Pilgrims left England, Boston has evolved over the years to become famous for some very famous schools, people, and for their four seasons. Many visit Boston in the fall to view the leaves that are changing colors and falling in the New England States. While visiting, why not grab some pizza and enjoy the time as a mini-vacation? There are many great reasons to visit Boston and pizza is one of the best. In 1636 a very small college of liberal arts named Harvard was founded here. Harvard has evolved over the years and any college student knows that pizza is one of the best foods for a college student since it can encompass all four food groups in one bite. What better way to write home and let the family know that you’re eating well? As long as there is pizza, there are all four food groups in one bite.

When it comes to pizza, pizza aficionado all agree, there’s no pizza like a Boston pizza. So what makes Boston pizza so special? It’s the fact that it has a thin crust that is almost like a cracker. This crust is cooked or partially cooked in a shallow pan that is oiled and makes the crust a bit more tender and a bit oily. This is a particular favorite of Bostonians and pizza aficionados of all ages. Don’t confuse a Boston pizza with other styles of pizza. Frozen pizzas will never compare nor will the deep dish pizzas that most people consider to be a pizza.

This type of pizza is also called tavern pizza as it’s often served in taverns with a pitcher of beer as a chaser. However, don’t let the term “tavern” scare you away, there are many great pizza places that are family-friendly so you won’t have to worry about taking the little ones with you. The crisp crust makes it an ideal combination with a pitcher of beer and it’s not unusual for a group to plan a night out according to the type of pizza that everyone likes. Regardless of how you like to eat your pizza, it’s delicious and a must-try taste sensation for anyone who is visiting in the Boston Massachusettes area. Even true Bostonians have discovered a variety of pizzerias that they claim are the ideal pizza place.

Whether you want to buy an Xtra large pizza, large, medium, small, personal-sized or order your pizza by the slice, you’re sure to appreciate these great options that we’ve put together for you. Many restaurants will also allow you to design your pizza by picking your toppings and designing exactly what you want for your pizza. Regardless of whether you prefer to order directly off of the menu or ask for a specifically styled pizza you’re sure to enjoy this compilation of the Top 10 Pizza Places in Boston.

That being said, we’ve taken the time to sift through millions of pizza joints in the Boston area. We’ve taken the time to read the reviews and asked the questions that you want to know so that we could provide you with the answers that you need to enjoy your favorite Boston pizza. We’ve discovered what we consider to be the Top 10 Pizza Places in Boston. Here, in no particular order, are The Top 10 Pizza Places that you must try if you’re ever in Boston Massachusettes. With so many great options, you may have to make a few visits to the Boston area to get all 10 of these Pizza Places into your trip and your stomach.

1. Italian Express Pizzeria

With over 800 reviews all averaging 4 to 5 stars, Italian Express Pizzeria is a delicious taste sensation. Here you’ll find a very friendly atmosphere and excellent pizza. Start your meal out with some mussels as an appetizer or one of the many other appetizers that are available on the menu. Then you can follow up with a favorite pizza of pepperoni or even cheese pizza. Located at 336 Sumner St, East Boston, Boston, MA 02128-2124, you’re sure to enjoy your visit. You can call ahead for reservations at 617-561-0038. If you’re going to have a large group you can also let them know when you make your reservations.

2. Regina Pizzeria

Regina has over 2000 reviews and all of them are positive at 4 to 5 stars. Here at Regina Pizzeria, you’ll find that their Italian Pizza offers a variety of great options including Vegan options. Locals and visitors alike enjoy pizza here and you’re sure to appreciate how friendly the atmosphere is. Reasonably priced, you can find Regina Pizzeria at 11 1/2 Thacher St, Boston, MA 02113-1539. You may wish to call ahead for reservations at this is quite the popular spot. You can call ahead at 617-227-0765 for reservations. According to many, this is the number one pizza to be found in Boston. If you’re into vegan pizzas you’re sure to appreciate Regina Pizzeria. They have some great options and many claim that they won’t eat anywhere else.

3. Ernesto’s Pizza

Relatively new on the scene, Ernesto’s Pizza offers you excellent pizza with some Vegetarian-Friendly options as well. although Ernesto’s is new, you’ll want to try them out. Don’t let the fact that they are newer scare you off, they are still very deserving of the list and they won’t fail to tempt your palate. They offer some great fare and you’ll appreciate friendly service. If you’re going on a pizza crawl, start here so that you get to enjoy some delicious pizza before you’re too full to enjoy what they have to offer. Located at 69 Salem St, Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113-2248 you won’t want to miss out. You can also call ahead for reservations at 617-523-1373.

4. Locale Boston

With over 140 reviews you’ll agree this Locale Boston pizzeria is worthy of 4 to 5 stars. Try their Margherita pizza or a Vegetarian-Friendly fare and enjoy an afternoon or evening. You’ll appreciate the central location and the friendly employee’s at this pizzeria. You can find them at 352 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113-1911. Easy on the wallet prices mean that you can afford a delicious pizza tonight. If you wish to make reservations you can call ahead at 617-742-9600.

5. Galleria Umberto

With over 200 reviews, this 4 to 5 star Galleria Umberto is a favorite among locals and visitors. You’ll appreciate wallet-friendly prices and Italian Pizza fast food at its best. You can also enjoy some Calzones and Arancini here. Ideal if you have some in your group that doesn’t care for pizza you’ll love that you have something for everyone. You’ll find Galleria Umberto at 289 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113-1810. Call ahead for reservations at 617-227-5709.

6. Picco Restaurant

Picco Restaurant has over 300 positive reviews. You’re sure to appreciate how delicious their pizza is especially their Vegetarian-Friendly and their Gluten Free varieties. Mid-priced you’ll still enjoy a delicious meal at a reasonable price. Excellent sorbets are also available. You can find Picco Restaurant at 513 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116-6306. Call ahead for reservations at 617-927-0066.

7. Figs by Todd English

At Figs, you’ll find excellent Vegetarian-Friendly fare as well as other kinds of pizza. Their motto, “never Trust A Round Pizza” should say it all. These large freeform pizzas are shaped differently than any other pizza that you’ve ever had before. If the shape says anything about the pizza, you’re sure to fall in love. This crispy crust is thin and nearly brittle. They use only local produce so it’s even healthier than many other pizzerias that don’t have such high-quality products. It is cooked quickly and at a very high temperature so you’re sure to appreciate a fast hot pizza. Priced midline you’ll find Figs at 42 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114-4604. Or, you can call ahead at 617-742-3447.

8. Santarpio’s Pizza

Established in 1903 as a bakery, Santarpio’s Pizza has evolved over the years turning into one of the best of the best for Pizzarias in the Boston area. With humble beginnings, this Pizzaria has climbed its way to the top and is well-deserving of being on our list of Top 10 Pizza Places in Boston. If you’re seeking an Italian Pizza Santarpio’s Pizza offers you excellent fare. Vegetarian-Friendly, you’re sure to appreciate the reasonable prices and the central location at 111 Chelsea Street, Boston, MA 02128-1937. If you were anywhere else, hearing workers call one another BOZO would spark some irritation, however, here, it’s the norm and part of their Local Boston Charm. Santarpio’s Pizza has a small-sized parking lot underneath a bridge that is located directly across the street. Street parking is limited unless you’re a resident in this area. Call ahead at 617-567-9871 if you’re seeking reservations.

9. Brewer’s Fork

With nearly 200 reviews Brewer’s Fork nearly didn’t make the list however, it’s very worthy of this list. As bar pizzas go, Brewer’s Fork will leave you delighted. Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan, and even Gluten-Free options make this a great addition to our list. The pizza is fresh and delicious and wallet-friendly. You can find Brewer’s Pizza at 7 Moulton Street, Boston, MA 02129-3115. You can call ahead at 616-337-5703.

10. Quattro

Quattro has over 500 reviews and is an excellent choice in pizzerias. Here you’ll find the midline prices and some unique pizzas that are Asian, Italian, Vegetarian-Friendly and more. A favorite of many locals, you’re sure to appreciate the delicious flavor blends that are available and you can find it at 265 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113-2303. If you wish to call ahead and schedule a reservation you can do so at 617-720-0444.

There are many factors to be considered when considering what makes a great pizza. For many, it’s the crisp yet tender crust. For some, it’s the toppings. Sometimes, you’ll find a pizza aficionado that cries out for both a crisp crust and several delicious toppings. Whether you prefer an unusual combination or a typical pepperoni pizza, you’re sure to appreciate these pizza places. Regardless of what each diner in your dinner party requires for a perfect pizza, you’re sure to have your own opinion. You’re sure to have your own personalized idea of what makes the ideal pizza. So go ahead and check out the pizza places mentioned above to find your favorite pizza.

If you’re seeking special fare, it’s strongly suggested that you call ahead to ensure that they have what you’re looking for. Not all of the pizza places mentioned above have Vegetarian-Friendly pizza, vegan pizza, and not all of them have Gluten-Free pizza either. If you’re in need of something specific that is vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, take the time to call ahead and ensure that what you’re seeking is available where you’re planning to dine.

Don’t forget to leave a review on the company website so that future diners will know what you consider to be the very best of the best pizza places in Boston, after all, it’s the diners who have the final say and you’re sure to have something important to weigh in on.

Pizza lovers of all ages will appreciate a trip to Boston to enjoy any of these Top 10 Pizza Places. There’s something for everyone in Boston and when you’re in love with pizza, it’s even better. College students, businessmen and women, travelers, visitors, locals and more, will all appreciate Boston pizza. Whether you prefer to dine in, or take your pizza back home, to study hall, your dorm, or somewhere else to enjoy it, you’re sure to appreciate this list. Make sure to print it out and keep it handy if you’re headed to Boston so that you don’t miss out on some great dining. Boston pizza is a must-try for everyone and should be on everyone’s bucket list of things to try.