Best Bars in Boston

The city of Boston is the capital of the state and its largest. It was established in 1630 which makes it one of the oldest cities in the country. As you would expect of a city its size, it has quite a few restaurants and bars. If you are new to Boston you might want to know which are good. Here we’ll take a look at the top 10 bars in the city of Boston.

1. Drink

A bar with that name better be good. Fortunately, it is. This is an underground bar that is well established in the city. It is extremely popular for locals and cocktail enthusiasts are equally enthused with the establishment. It has a substantial list of choices and a unique approach to mixology. Here you don’t order the drinks from a menu but rather describe what you want and the bartender will craft something specifically for you based on your preferences.

They have a substantial stock of excellent quality spirits, exquisite mixers, and their own touch of special extras. The staff are noted as being extremely attentive and nice. Because the drinks are made based on individual preferences rather than standard drink mixes, it does sometimes require a little extra waiting. Those who go here agree that it is worth that few extra minutes. Another thing that many who go here like is the fact that there aren’t any reservations required. Its big draw is the fact that they serve custom cocktails. This bar is located at 348 Congress Street.

2. The Hawthorne


When you’re looking for something swanky and nice this might be the perfect spot. It’s located in the Hotel Commonwealth with a number of very nice subterranean rooms. Throughout are a great number of well-appointed couches that many of the patrons enjoy using. Because of this bar’s popularity, the couches are often full despite the large number of couches the bar has.

It may be necessary to wait a bit if you go here but most would agree that it is well worth the wait. The cocktails are truly impressive. They also serve small plates to go with the cocktails that are a true delight. Regardless of what your personal preference is you will find that there is a huge gamut of drinks to choose from. As well as any type of mixed drink that you can imagine including ones made specifically to order, you’ll also find a large range of beers and wines to choose from.

The atmosphere is terrific. If you want to have a great night out with friends or a romantic date, this might be the perfect spot. It’s a place that you will come back to again and again. The bar is terrific and has a selection of intimate tables for an enjoyable night out. It is located at 500A Commonwealth Avenue.

3. Eastern Standard

This restaurant and bar puts an emphasis on mixology. Its bartenders are extremely skilled with mixing drinks. Their spirits are top shelf and they use only freshly squeezed juice mixers. Their drinks are known to be strong. Anyone who is a Red Sox fan should consider stopping in. Fans go there for an entree and Sazeracs. Although it’s common for baseball lovers to drink beer when celebrating at this bar they enjoy the cognac or whiskey cocktail variations of Sazerac.

It is a great option at any time and it isn’t a requirement that you are a Red Sox fan. If you’re ready for a drink, this is a great place to go. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. It has a sidewalk patio that many patrons enjoy especially when it’s crowded because it’s a place to escape some of the noise. If you enjoy eating while drinking then that’s just another reason to come here.

Try some raw oysters or the mac and cheese which is said to be amazing. They also have a nice selection of desserts to choose from. The bartenders are very experienced and they are prepared to make your drinks to your specific desires. It is located at 528 Commonwealth Avenue.

4. The Baldwin Bar

This is one of the most exciting bars in the city. The mixologist there are exceptional. The owner is the son and he changed what was a Chinese restaurant into one of the best places for cocktails in the city. It draws cocktail connoisseurs from all around. The man who started it all has even been awarded top place for the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition.

On the weekends they have an upstairs section that is library-themed where they serve their very highest quality cocktails. This is a bit upscale and therefore somewhat pricey. Even so, most who can afford the price feel that it is well worth it. Along with some of the most exciting drinks anywhere, you can also enjoy some out-of-this-world Chinese food.

You’ll find that the waiters are all qualified bartenders. That means when you order a drink they will understand what it is you want. Those who come here agree that it’s a fantastic experience. The ambiance is historical Massachusetts with an upscale cocktail bar included. This bar is located somewhere off by itself which many of its patrons like. It’s located at 2 Alfred Street.

5. Brick And Mortar

This bar is a little out of the way and may be difficult for some to find. Even so, most will agree that it is well worth the effort. When you get there you’ll find that it’s somewhat nondescript on the outside but once you go through the door and up the stairs you’ll come to a huge horseshoe-shaped bar. Inside is plenty of seating. In this lounge even the bar snacks are fantastic. They include deep-fried house-made pickles and bacon-wrapped dates.

This is a fairly upscale bar and it has bartenders that are suave. It serves some of the best drinks in town and yet the atmosphere is not quite that of a bar. It has a Latin theme and the mixed drinks are highly creative. The overall personality of the place is very unique. Some of the drinks are very unexpected and something you wouldn’t even think to ask for. If you’re going out on the town and you want to have an interesting time then this is a great choice. Nearby they even have graffiti alley.

Many who go here say it has an upbeat and fun vibe. When you first locate the place it won’t appear to be as big but once you go inside you’ll find that it’s quite large. It does get crowded and it is loud meaning that during the busy time it’s not especially conducive for talking. If you’re hungry and want something to eat with your drink then you might try the duck fries because many say that they are phenomenal. This bar is located at 567 Massachusetts Avenue.

6. Bully Boy Tasting Room

This is the place that bartenders go when they want to have a drink. It’s actually a distiller that has a tasting room. This place has changed the drinking scene in Massachusetts. It has done that because many bartenders who have learned about it are now including many of the spirits in their own handcrafted, unique cocktails. Anyone who is a true lover of alcohol will want to give this place a try.

The bar is intimate with velvet booths for seating. They even have a collection of Prohibition-era bottles that once contained spirits. There’s even the view of the Copper Pot Still which is gorgeous. The cocktails include freshly squeezed juices along with bitters and syrups and Billy Boys handcrafted spirits.

The ambiance is enjoyable and it has great mood lighting. The bartenders are nice and the drinks are fantastic. The prices are moderate when compared with the amount that is served with each drink. If you’re there to drink you can even take a tour of the distillery. The flavors of the cocktails are very distinctive. The bar got its name from the original owners family horse. The tasting room is truly decorated beautifully and the overall experience is world-class. It is located at 44 Cedric Street.

7. Wink And Nod

This is a speakeasy with some classic options. It has a menu of seasonal cocktails to choose from. It has a special ‘Black Card’ list of cocktails that are quite pricey but can make a big impression. These can run as high as $100 each. You can also join the Scotch Club and come for the Tuesday night sampling of high-quality scotch.

The bartenders are friendly and they are very experienced. They will listen to you describe the type of flavor and texture that you want and they can create a drink that is suitable. They have a very nice selection of beers as well.

If you’re hungry and want something to eat with your drink then you might try the black truffle nuggets. They are said to be very delicious. Customers say they will definitely go back after trying it the first time. The ambiance is memorable and enjoyable. It has an exciting vibe and the drinks are put together very well. Sometimes when it gets really busy, some customers say that the waiter will go a little bit too long in-between visits but other than that the experience is fantastic. This is located at 3 Appleton Street.

8. The Gallows

An interesting fact about this bar is the fact that it is located in a spot where public hangings took place during colonial times. To play up that fact they use a rather ominous black crow sign. It is found just above the door. The vibe is relatively unassuming and the cocktails are highly inventive. There are apple bourbon and liquor infusions. They also have lavender vodka. This is located on the south end.

This is a nice choice if you’re going out on the town with some friends. It has a fun atmosphere and even a giant ouija board. If you’re hungry and want to eat with your drinks they have some great food. Truffle fries and burgers are among the favorites.

The wait staff are nice and friendly and knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a place to have brunch, this is a winner. The cocktails have notably cute names and the decor is interesting. The food is yummy and the drinks are enjoyable. It’s a cool place to get good drinks and tasty comfort food. It is located at 1395 Washington Street.

9. Green Street

This is found in Central Square and is a cozy spot. It has a narrow bar and is very popular. There’s a long list of cocktails to choose from and if you’re intimidated by options you may feel overwhelmed. The bartenders are capable of making highly specialized cocktails which means that there are hundreds of more options available than even what’s on the menu.

Many people who come here say that it is a real hidden gem. The prices are decent and the drinks are great with lots of good comfort food. You’ll find that it has great decor and ambiance. The bar is old school and has a good vibe. They also have a dining area that is separate from the bar. The music can get a bit loud which means during busy times conversations may not be super easy.

If you’re on a date you might consider using the dining area as it is quieter. The atmosphere is pleasant and you can generally carry a good conversation there. They have great hospitality and service is good. If you order a drink such as a Manhattan you’re going to find that it’s terrific and the price is almost a steal. This is located at 280 Green Street.

10. Bukowski Tavern

This is a tavern with an attitude. It offers craft beers that are often hard to find and has an extensive list of drinks to choose from. They have a lot of regional brews and they have something that can satisfy any taste. It is located at 50 Dalton Street.