​We are a group of individuals ​on a mission to enlarge and preserve Boston's wildlife and natural ​landscapes​. With your help, we can improve and expand many of Boston's urban areas so ​we and our families may enjoy the area for centuries to come. In 1977, individuals formed a group called BNAN (Boston Natural Areas Network) because they were worried about losing protected lands which they held dear to their hearts. We're happy to say that their hard work and dedication continues to pay off even to this very day. As members of Boston, we can stand proud of our city, just like George Washington.

​Community Gardens

​Gardens which are taken care of by the community build kinship among neighbors, ​builds a sense of ​pride and joy to our community like no other activity can. ​We believe that community gardens must be open and accessible to the communities they serve. These ​gardens are typically found in:

  • Indiviudally worked plots
  • Sitting areas
  • Children's play areas
  • ​Areas tended by the community.