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  Eldon Street/Roslindale Wetlands
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Address: Eldon St, Roslindale

2008 Status: Protected

2008 Condition: Altered

Site Size: 10.3 Acres

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Description: Eldon Street Urban Wild, now named the Roslindale Wetlands, is located in a topographically depressed area southwest of the Arnold Arboretum. This forested wetland is dominated by a canopy of red maple and a variety of horticultural species most likely escaped from the Arnold Arboretum. This Wild is a central portion of a residential neighborhood, and therefore obscured from public view by the surrounding houses lining the main streets. Made up of a number of public and private land parcels, this Wild is highly impacted by non-native and invasive species. It also serves as a detention basin for storm water. A public entrance is maintained at Hazelmere Road.

Current Use: The Roslindale Wetlands Task Force was formed to protect and promote the wetlands as a valuable open space. The group has worked with a number of non-profit organizations to build trails and control nuisance plant species. The Wild is enjoyed by neighborhood and community residents for passive activities such as bird watching or hiking.

History: In March 2004, the Roslindale Wetlands Task Force celebrated the protection of Eldon Street Urban Wild as conservation land. Together with the Urban Wilds Program and Boston Parks Department, Earthworks has re-vegetated and restored this wetland. For more information on Eldon Street Urban Wild and Roslindale Wetlands please visit Roslindale Wetlands Task Force. .

Ward: 12

Site ID: 12-04

Site Owner: City of Boston; private owners

Access Points: Accessible from Hazelmere and Robken Roads and Selwyn, Eldon, and Coiston Streets.

Visitation Hours: No hours indicated.

Urban Wild Picture 1
The entrance to the central portion of the wild near Selwyn Street. A rough trail and sections of boardwalk allow pedestrian access to the lower areas of the red maple swamp.

Urban Wild Picture 2
Sunny portions of the wild are dominated by vining vegetation including species of grape and bittersweet.

Stewardship Group: Roslindale Wetlands Task Force