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  Golden Stairs
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Address: Brigham St, East Boston

2008 Status: Protected

2008 Condition: Intact

Site Size: 0.2 Acres

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Description: Golden Stairs Urban Wild is a small sitting park located adjacent to a concrete staircase that runs from Marginal Street to Webster Street in East Boston. The Wild includes the right-of-ways of Ruth, Ida, and Brigham Streets. The park is rectangular and bears a diagonally bisecting concrete walk running southwest to northeast. An additional walk runs the length of the park’s northern side. This walk has four wooden benches. The central portion of the park is maintained in mown lawn with two large flowering cherry trees. The northern boundary holds a sloped perennial garden containing Azaleas and Iris. The southern boundary of the park is reinforced by a substantial hedge of Rugosa Rose.

Current Use: Golden Stairs Urban Wild is used primarily as sitting park and right-of-way for pedestrians. Though no visitation hours are posted, signs do read "No Loitering".

History: The Jefferies Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) has been active in maintaining the site since the 1970s. They have been effective in developing public and private partnerships to enhance the condition of the site. The site was zoned as an open space-Urban Wild in 1993. In 2008, Golden Stairs Urban Wild was transferred from the Boston Conservation Commission to the Boston Parks Department. The JPNA has been working with a landscape architectural firm and the City of Boston to develop a landscape plan for a memorial park at this location.

Ward: 01

Site ID: 01-12

Site Owner: Boston Parks Department

Access Points: Public access near Marginal and Webster Streets.

Visitation Hours: No hours indicated

Urban Wild Picture 1
The passive park and sitting area at the Golden Stairs Urban Wild.

Urban Wild Picture 2
A shot of the public right-of-way that allows pedestrians passage from Marginal Street, to the south, to Webster Street, to the north.